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  1. Sam Roberts on · Reply

    “…a completely normal person who happens to have some clearly defined goals and is willing to work very hard to obtain them.”

    I remember reading about a study that some physicians did on Messner, to find out why he performed so well at altitude. They were disheartened to find that physiologically, he was disappointingly average. What he did possess, however, was the ability to focus intently on a goal. Sounds kind of similar, no?

    • PatitucciPhoto on · Reply

      Interesting you say this because I was going to include this bit of info:
      Ueli says during his show that after he did the Eiger speed record he decided to get serious about training – he had a series of tests run on him and they told him he is an average athlete. At first he was disappointed, then super inspired because he imagined what more he might be able to do if trained properly.

  2. Sam Roberts on · Reply

    Yes, how often we hear this same thing in life: from business people to olympic athletes.
    Here’s to living with passion and commitment!

  3. Impressive feat and steadfast mind.
    I’d love to see a video of his descent, as it seems it would be difficult since sight is different looking up than looking down. Or it is common practice to helicopter down?

    • PatitucciPhoto on · Reply

      I have actually done the descent and it is relatively easy. There is a descent off the back where you actually don’t drop so much but rather traverse into a hut and then the famous Jungfraujoch train takes you down.

        • PatitucciPhoto on · Reply

          My pleasure, there is another descent from the Eiger, the West Flank, I think a lot of people use it in the summer if they top out further below the summit and don’t want to go up and over to the station. I don’t know much about it.
          The Jungfraujoch station is a place to put on the Must Visit list – it is amazing.

  4. Thank you for the very interesting article. Excellent photos. Since you have done this so well why not do similar articles with other top athletes? I wish you success!

    • PatitucciPhoto on · Reply

      Thanks for the time to comment. I would love nothing more than more opportunities like this, it is both great fun and very rewarding to get to see behind the scenes of great athletes like Ueli. I am curious how you found our page with the Ueli story.
      Thanks again, Dan

      • The guys at gymjones twitted about it. i follow them with interest as they post quality info every time. Lots on training inspiration.

  5. When I get a little soft in my training and look out at some light drizzle and a bleak morning, it’s great to have an inspiring climber to look up to. On those mornings I ask myself what would ueli do. Might make a good ad or poster. I’d have it on my door just for those mornings.

  6. Misho ILIEV on · Reply

    And talking of ordinary people doing amazing thing, I wanted to add something that is not directly linked to alpinism… And please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make any political point here!

    I read the other day an article about the the killing of Osama bin Laden. After the operation President Obama met with the seals who did the mission. He was struck to find very ordinary-looking guys. Not at all the sort of people we are used to see in super hero films.

    Again, no political point is meant here. I am neither expressing approval nor disapproval on that event. Just interesting parallel on how we are conditioned to think about people who perform technically, physically and psychologically demanding feats.

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