PatitucciPhoto Partners with LowePro Camera Bags

Dan Patitucci using LowePro's Top Loader Pro 75 in Chamonix, France

LowePro Camera Bags

Back in December, we posted a story about our fall 2010 Vietnam & Cambodia Photos. One comment that came in asked what camera bags we use while in the field.
To this I responded with an honest, “None”, explaining that at some point we stopped using camera bags and started carrying our gear in whatever was convenient, or in whatever pack we were using for the activity.
It turns out that the folks at LowePro were tuned in to our Blog. Back in the early 2000′s we were actually doing some product testing for them and got to know one another. Suddenly, I had an email from the marketing team and it came in the form of a challenge.
They had seen my comment and offered to provide me with a bag or system of my choice. I was to use it, really use it – and if I liked the benefits I would do a write up. And if I didn’t like it…. this post wouldn’t be here.
My choice was the Top Loader Pro 75 and a 70-200 f2.8 lens tube. My reasoning was that I would be able to have the bag easily accessible and in front of me, as I used to do years ago. If the camera is easy to get to – you shoot more – period.

Now, a month after getting the bag – I am sold… and here is my post as proof. We are happy to report that not only are we rewarding LowePro with a purely positive review – we are also involved again as both product testers and providing design input based on our experience shooting mountain sports in a wide range of conditions and scenarios, as both photographers and athletes.

In the coming 6 weeks, we have a virtually nonstop photoshoot schedule. We’ll be shooting mountain biking in Tuscany, ice climbing & skiing in Norway, ski mountaineering in Chamonix, sport climbing above the Mediterranean in Sicily and then right back to Chamonix for alpine climbing and spring ski touring.

Photos and stories will be posted here from all the projects, or follow us on Twitter for live updates and random fun at @patitucciphoto. And for Mountain Sport fans, follow us on Facebook:DolomiteSport

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