14 comments on “Ueli Steck Annapurna Climb 2013

  1. This part gave me chills: “But once in the Himalaya, I could see he was in his own arena, and he was rising above even himself. ” Your writing is almost as powerful as your images. Almost. :). Great work.

  2. John Harlin on · Reply

    Super, Dan! Delighted you and Janine were there to participate in the event. Hope to see you in Switzerland this winter.

  3. Grüessech Herr Steck,

    Guet gmacht. Gratuliere. E fantasteschi Leischtig, einisch meh. Was öich aber am beschte glingt: dir bliibet sympathisch drbii u immer ehrlech. Im Gägesatz zu mänge niidische Kollege u Outdoor-Schurnis i dr heimische Schwiiiz, wo dr Erfolg immer e chli verdächtig isch u heimlech benide wird.

    E schöne.

    Daniel Ludwig, Bärn u Interlake.

  4. Kylie Schnell on · Reply

    Dan, I don’t know if you remember us, but we’re the larger group (foreigners volunteering here in Nepal) who chatted with you on one of your first nights at ABC. We’re so, so excited and have been waiting anxiously to hear how things went. This is great!

  5. How did u actually get the tips to create ““Ueli
    Steck Annapurna Climb 2013 | PatitucciPhoto”? Thanks for the post ,Fletcher

  6. Thank you for this vivid story and wonderful photos. It’s not only hard to believe that Ueli succeeded in soloing Annapurna’s south face but in such a short time. He is really an exceptional climber, lucky born and mentally strong, and Don did well in recognizing his limits. There a things in live you can only do once.— Best wishes to the whole crew!

  7. ALVARO on · Reply

    Hard to believe there are no evidences of this Summit. Many doubts about this climbing.

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