The Swiss CrissCross

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A personal project that became an editorial hit. The idea came about as a result of selfishly wanting to spend more time riding bikes. So, together with our great friend Alain Rumpf, we dreamt up the idea to criss cross Switzerland by bike. First, by a difficult road bike route, followed by a grueling mountain bike itinerary back through the Alps, via singletrack. The project included 13 days of riding, one broken finger, two broken ribs, one knock out, and thankfully, eight features in magazines around the world.

  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Editorial Features, Swiss Tourism, Assos, Osmo Nutrition, Gore-Tex, Deuter Packs
  • Filed under: Projects
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Alain on the Grosse Scheidegg with the massive wall of the Wetterhorn rising dramatically above, day 2.
As a freezing rain begins, Dan & Alain approach the summit of the Grosse Scheidegg, high above Grindelwald. The rain continued for the entire, steep descent.
Dan getting water from a fountain, day 3.
Dan & Alain in a tunnel on top of the Lukmanier Pass on day 3.
Alain getting a leg massage in a hotel wellness center.
Dan & Alain passing through the traditional Romansch village of Bergun in Canton Graubunden on day 4.
Dan & Alain at the last switchback of the Passo Stelvio on day 5, the last, and biggest climb of the road segment of the CrissCross.
Dan & Alain descending the dirt portion of the Umbrail Pass down to Santa Maria from Passo Stelvio on day 5. This was the last descent of the road segment of the CrissCross.
Time to roll – the team at the start of the SwissCrissCross, day 1 of 7 crossing the Swiss Alps on singletrack.
Jürg, day 1, minute 1 of the Swiss CrissCross.
Janine descending in dramatic and moody weather on day 1.
Jürg feeling the effort during a long push.
Riding through deep mud on day 2 of the CrissCross as heavy rain fell for two days straight.
Janine and Alain looking out on the Rhone Glacier from near the Furka Pass.
Jürg and Roland on technical trails above the Aletschgletscher from Bettmeralp to Riederalp.
The whole team above the Aletschgletscher from Bettmeralp to Riederalp during the Swiss CrissCross.
Roland climbing from the Simplon Pass.
The team climbing up from the Simplon Pass shortly after a summer sunrise.
Dramatic photo of Jürg and Roland riding singletrack with the Bietschorn in the background.
Being mistaken for a salt lick, Dan gets a surprise kiss on the neck from a sheep.
The boys joking around pretending to be cowboys at a saloon in Switzerland.
Jürg relaxing in a make do tub during the mountain bike segment.
Some of the gang stopped at a pass to look at the distant French Alps.
Jürg and Roland riding singletrack with the Alps in the background during the Swiss CrissCross project.
The Swiss CrissCross team relaxing in the grass above Verbier during the Swiss CrissCross before beginning the final descent to Martigny and the end of the two week long project.